The Sazerac

2 oz. of Bulleit brand (if you can't find Bulleit, go with  Old Overholt) Rye Whiskey
1 teaspoon real simple syrup (see recipe below)
3-4 good dashes of Pechaud’s Bitters
1 dash Angostura Bitters
Twist of Lemon

1. Combine the Rye, both Bitters, and the syrup in a shaker with ice.
2. Stir.
3. Coat your glass thoroughly with Herbsaint. ( I like to do this with a small pump bottle, spritzing it onto the glass, as not to waste any Herbsaint). Drain out any excess.
4. Pour the contents of the shaker into the glass.
5. Pinch the twist of lemon and rub the around the rim of the glass to distribute the lemon oils. Toss the twist into the drink.

Simple Syrup
1 cup of Sugar
½ cup of water
1. Mix the sugar and the water thoroughly.
2. Simmer the mixture, while constantly stirring, in a small sauce pan until it becomes clear (all the sugar is dissolved).

3. Raise the mixture a Boil. Turn off the heat, and allow to cool.
4. Transfer the syrup to a different container and refridgerate

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